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          Due to the COVID-19 situation, Juneau House and Michif Cultural Connections is closed until further notice. Therefore, all classes and workshops will be postponed.

          Check back or follow us on Facebook for updates. Thank you for your patience during this trying time, and stay safe!

          Michif Cultural Connections Staff

          OUR STORY

          Michif Cultural Connections was founded by the Honourable Senator Dr. Thelma J. Chalifoux. She was honoured and proud to be the first Métis woman called to serve in the Senate of Canada in 1997. After retiring in 2004, Dr. Chalifoux founded the Michif Cultural Institute (now Michif Cultural Connections) in the historic Métis community of St. Albert to preserve, promote, protect and celebrate Alberta‚Äôs rich Métis culture. We are proud to honour her memory by continuing this important work and ensuring her legacy lives on.

          Senator Chalifoux passed away on September 22, 2017. Visit her memorial page to learn more about the tireless work Senator Chalifoux did for the Métis community.

          Visit our News page to view articles, videos, and news stories about our organization and our people.

          OUR MISSION

          Through leadership and education, Michif Cultural Connections provides programs, facilitates workshops, and exhibits Métis museum artifacts at the historic Juneau House in St. Albert, in the province of Alberta, Canada.

          We have also established a library and keep archival documents in order to preserve, promote, and protect Alberta Métis history.

          WHAT WE OFFER

          • Traditional Finger Weaving
          • Drum Making Workshops
          • Beaded Moccasin Making Classes
          • Earring and Jewelry Workshops
          • Jigging Classes
          • Traditional Medicine Teachings
          • Smudging Workshops
          • Blanket Exercises

          Previous Classes


          Instructor: Elder Joyce Beaver
          Feb 29/30 - Mar 8/9 2020

          $200 per person (all materials, supplies, and teachings included; must attend both weekends)

          $50 deposit recommended to save a spot! Register by messaging us through our facebook page or sending us an email at michifculturalconnections@gmail.com.

          Classes at Michif Cultural Connections, 9 Mission Ave, St. Albert, AB



          Robert Coulter is our Elder-in-Residence, a culture-bearer and Métis historian who has developed healing plans, conducted sharing circles, formed a traditional drum group, and facilitated men's support groups. Recently, he was an Elder-in-Residence at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre on Vancouver Island, but strong family ties in St. Albert and greater Edmonton region have brought him back to contribute to the local Métis community.


          Our collection includes hundreds of books written about or by the Métis, Michif language materials, and a variety of community development and working group reports. We also house and display historic Métis artifacts. If you have any materials you wish to donate, please contact us!

          GIFT SHOP

          Stop in to purchase a variety of Métis arts and crafts. Online store coming soon!

          • Métis Flags and Sashes
          • Model Red River Carts
          • Moccasins with Beadwork
          • Medicine Bags
          • Pins, Stickers, and Mugs

          OUR PEOPLE

          We are a non-profit corporation run by a small staff and volunteers.

          Sharon Morin - Director of Programs
          Robert Coulter - Elder in Residence
          Joshua Morin - Office Manager
          Rheanna Sand - Webmaster

          Past Board Members
          Thelma J. Chalifoux - Founding Director
          Debbie Coulter - Director of Administration

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